All Branches Closing Early 1/23/2018

Due to inclement weather and hazardous road conditions, all branches of Alcona County Library will be closing at 5:00 pm tonight. Please stay safe!

**addendum: The Lincoln branch has closed for the day as of 2:15 pm.

Please note that the Library does not necessarily close when Alcona Community Schools close. Only if the Alcona County offices close due to inclement weather will the Library close.

Temporary Closure Policy
Winter Weather
1. The library will be closed when the Alcona County offices are closed.
2. When there is a “No School Snow Day” for Alcona Community Schools, patrons should call before driving to the library. The library may experience delay in opening, depending on the road conditions. The library will not open until the parking lot is plowed of snow. When there is a snow storm in progress the library may close early to allow the staff to drive home in daylight.  Again, call before proceeding out to the library.

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